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  1. Coffee Caramel Cake Coffee-Caramel-Cake

    USD 27.00
  2. Coffee Mocha Log Coffee-Mocha-Log

    USD 27.00
  3. next day delivery item
    Lemon Crunch Cake

    Lemon Crunch Cake Lemon-Crunch-Cake

    USD 27.00
  4. next day delivery item
    Walnut Caramel Cake

    Walnut Caramel Cake Walnut-Caramel-Cake

    USD 33.00
  5. Coffee Caramel Pastry Coffee-Caramel-Pastry

    USD 2.00
  6. next day delivery item
    Chocolate Caramel Mousse Pastry

    Chocolate Caramel Mousse Pastry Chocolate-Caramel-Mousse-Pastry-

    USD 5.00
  7. Caramel Pastry (S) Caramel-Pastry

    USD 1.00
  8. Fudge (box) Fudge

    USD 6.00
  9. next day delivery item
    Snicker cupcake

    Snicker cupcake Snicker-cupcake

    USD 2.00
  10. next day delivery item
    Praline Donut

    Praline Donut Praline-Donut-1

    USD 2.00
  11. next day delivery item
    Caramel Donut

    Caramel Donut Caramel-Donut

    USD 2.00
  12. Maple - Walnut Maple-Walnut

    USD 14.00