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  1. Burger Buns (Pack of 4) Burger-Buns-Pack-of-4

    USD 2.00
  2. next day delivery item
    Egg salad sandwich

    Egg salad sandwich Egg-salad-sandwich

    USD 4.00
  3. Chicken Sandwich Chicken-Sandwich

    USD 3.00
  4. next day delivery item
    Sandwich Platter per pkt.

    Sandwich Platter per pkt. Sandwich-Platter-per-pkt

    USD 9.00
  5. Chicken tikka Sandwich Chicken-tikka-Sandwich

    USD 4.00
  6. Whole Wheat Bread Whole-Wheat-Bread

    USD 2.00
  7. next day delivery item
    Hunter Beef Sandwich

    Hunter Beef Sandwich Hunter-Beef-Sandwich

    USD 5.00